Shown in two different angles of sunlight for the most dimensions possible.


Just one taste of these tempting textiles and you’ll be hooked. A mélange of textures and hues to fix any craving. Silk, mohair and linen. Go ahead, get addicted.

Out Addiction materials are sought out for their classic beauty, color and texture. These book cloths are all paper backed for glue application which aids in the binding process. Due to the nature of most natural fabrics and dyes, variations in color may occur from dye lot to dye lot.

Care and Feeding for Your Addiction
Addiction materials are made from quality book cloth, however, it is still important to keep them clean at all times to maintain their original look and rich feel. For everyday stain removal, spot clean them with a dry cleaner like Absorbene Book and Paper Cleaner. These dry cleaners work like an eraser to remove dust, dirt, smoke and grimy films. As with any cleaning product, always test the surface carefully before using.

Above pictured in shade

Above pictured in direct sun

Bookie and Sunset Strip both have gold shimmers in the fabric (see below)

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