Boudoir Session: $875 (Team) | $1075 (Sara)

Included in each session:

• One (1) photographer for forty-five (45) minute session

• One (1) album with twenty (20) album sides 10″x 10″

• Retouching/smoothing blemishes or imperfections, flyaway hair, reflections, glare, etc. for four (4) album sides

o Password protected online gallery of images selected by the Photographer at for PRIVATE ACCESS ONLY posted six weeks after the session

o Bring four or more wardrobe changes

o Boudoir Album created from 15 to 25 images delivered about two (2) months after images selected

OPTIONAL: Download of all edited images $200 (only includes post-production editing of additional images if service is purchased)

OPTIONAL: Each additional album side $25 (does not include post-production editing of additional images)

OPTIONAL: Post-production image editing ($10 per image) for additional album sides

o Retouching/smoothing blemishes or imperfections, flyaway hair, reflections or glare, etc.

Imagine the look on his face when he sees this. Not a watch, not a bottle of the finest liquor. . . but images of you, looking beautiful and sexified, memorialized into a personal keepsake for him to treasure for years. Some could say, this is the best gift a man could ever receive on the wedding day.

Now, we know that for some, stripping down for a camera is not the most comfortable idea. Remember: this is ONLY for his eyes, the man that adores you for every inch of your body. Don’t worry about getting diet crazy! We love how Lauren Conrad said this before her wedding, “He proposed to me like this, he can marry me like this!”

After every single session, everyone always remarks, “I have never felt more liberated in my entire life!” It is a very empowering experience to embrace and celebrate your body (at potentially the best your body may look for years! Think: baby weight!)


1. Where is the session held?

We love spaces with bright, indoor light! This could be your home, a friend’s home, or a hotel room. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect location for your shoot.

2. Should I have my hair and makeup done?

Absolutely! We recommend going a little more dramatic than you would for your wedding – think: sex kitten. Darker eyeliner and lipstick, and lots of volume with your hair. Check our some of our favorite hair and makeup artists in your area here.

3. What should I wear?

This is your session – so it’s all about how you want to express yourself. Some women want to mix it up, somewhat covered up, totally covered, or not at all. You decide!

What to bring:

-4-5 Lingerie outfits, garter belts, hosiery, high heels, necklaces
-Your makeup/personal brushes
-Optional (His collared shirt and his tie, or uniform)

4. How does the album process work?

After your session, we’ll send you a password protected gallery which you can privately select your favorite 20-30 images for the design. Within 4 weeks, our layout designer will send you a proof for your review. After two rounds of changes, the album takes 3-4 weeks to print, assemble and ship.

You may choose from hundreds of cover materials for your 10×10 album. See the choices here

5. What if I want this to be a surprise?

Most women make this entire session a surprise for their man! We can create a separate invoice from the wedding package and privately bill you for the session, so he doesn’t see it. Now you just have to find a way to explain to him why you look so glam on the day you come home from your shoot. . . We’re sure he won’t mind. 😉

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