Netiquette = Network Etiquette
Email Etiquette and Proper Technology Use

Family and friends are one thing. If you feel they do not deserve your best effort to make sure they have an easy to read email from you that is fine. Your family and friends know you best and are probably the most forgiving. However, with business acquaintances or other online contacts, proper formatting is crucial to building your relationship and credibility.

Our good friends at Net has given us some important tips to consider when we are conversing digitally. The following are company standards that all onelove team members are expected to abide by with all email interactions (With Sara, a client or another Associate):

Always start your email with “Hello”, “Hi”, “Dear” or whatever you are comfortable with and works for you and the name of the person you are emailing. Use a greeting that reflects your personality. When you make a phone call you always say “Hello” to the person who picks up the phone. When you write a printed letter to someone, you always begin with a greeting. Why is this any different with a digital letter?

Type in complete sentences. No abbreviated text language (i.e. “I wld luv 2 see u”)

Capitalization & The Cool Factor? Always capitalize the beginning of every sentence, and all necessary words in the actual sentence (i.e. “March” instead of “march”; “New York instead of “new york”). I know, I know, the “cool young kids” are kinda emo and don’t have time for it. But we do.

Create a new paragraph between thoughts. Give space between the “Hello” and your email body!

Always take the time to review your email before clicking send.

Do not type in all caps. Typing in all caps is considered yelling, screaming or at the very least adding emphasis to the word you type. Various studies on the topic reflect that it is more difficult and takes longer to read text that is typed in all caps.

Do not leave the Subject: field blank. Always fill in the Subject: field with a brief and concise description of the content of your email. This is very important in helping those you communicate with organize and manage their email.

If you receive a nasty email – do not respond immediately – if at all. People are very bold and overly critical on the other side of this screen. Please allow Sara to handle any kind of unexpected or unpleasant emails.

Here is an example of an A+ “Nettiquette” email to a client:

Hi Stephanie!

How are you doing? I hope your travels have been going great through January – can you believe February is here?

I wanted to look at dates for your engagement session! We are available usually during the week, occasionally on weekends. Shoots run from 3:30-4:30pm or 4-5pm, give or take the travel involved between locations. Can you share with me two or three dates (at least one weekday option) to consider?


Here is an example of an D+ “Nettiquette” email to a client:

im available on friday March 2 and thursday 3/ is that for u? thanks alot!!!!!!!

What is wrong with the above email?:
• Improper punctuation (I’m, not “im)
• Improper spacing (No space after a period)
• Capitalization is all over the place (Some things are capped, some not…)

48 hour response time

As a general rule of thumb, if someone takes the time to email you and it is not junk mail or offensive, give them the courtesy of a timely return response. Who would have thought we would be so busy as to not have time to respond to email? By not doing so you appear to ignore them and that is how they will feel-ignored. How would you feel if email you sent was not responded to? A short and sweet acknowledgment of their email commenting on the issues within only takes a brief amount of time.

All members of onelove photography are expected to respond within 48 hours of an email, nonwithstanding vacations (which we need to be advised of ahead of time) or emergencies, so we can promptly schedule our calendar with our clients.

By responding promptly you will leave a positive impression with those you communicate with.


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