Sara Cooper

My heart is in the San Francisco Bay, but I’m always on the go! I love sports, and this is where my photography career began. I was a six-foot, 21-year-old girl dodging line drives and linebackers with my long camera lenses over my shoulder.

At the same time that I was completing the Photojournalism program at San Francisco State, I also worked as a photographer for the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco 49ers. Later, I was recruited by Getty Images to work as both a photographer and editor for eight years. 

Although I learned the technicalities of Photojournalism in a classroom, I honed these skills amid cleats and referees. Unpredictable weather and rapidly changing light; continuously unexpected action in a very physical setting. It was empowering to be a young woman in a profession primarily dominated by men. This was the best crucible for learning I could have ever asked for.

I trained under Michael Zagaris, the sports and rock & roll legend. One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned from him was that great storytelling starts with trust. Read more of my thoughts on the vital connection between trust and photography.

I founded onelove photography in 2002, and currently manage and train the rad crew of artists based in Northern and Southern California. They're pretty awesome, see for yourself here!


I'm a storyteller

Emotions tell stories and the key to capturing them is: anticipation. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting...and then there it is: the moment when the feelings appear. These kinds of authentic moments are rare and priceless. These images tell your story. When I come into a setting, I create and capture a scene in layers of reality. The color, the light, the movement...this is art.


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I own two cats that are probably bigger than your dog ;) My babies Simon and Oliver are Maine Coons, which are equally as sweet as they are LARGE. These irresistibly cuddly furballs both weigh in at 20 pounds each!

Do you like animals?

Where the mountains meet the purple sand and sea: Big Sur. It's the most incredible place I've ever traveled to, and find myself gazing out into the blue abyss at Nepenthe and forgetting time in heavenly happiness. 

Where do you feel most inspired?

There is far too little space to answer this question here. I could write a book! My go-to spot is the Raw Bar at Slanted Door in SF. Uni and Hamachi for days. Pizzaiolo in Oakland has the most charming back patio laden with bistro lights and to-die-for handmade pizzas. But, let's swap foodie tips! I am always looking for an awesome new culinary experience.

What are your favorite Bay Area hangout(s)?

I love Claire from Outlander for her tenaciousness. She blazed the trail as a strong female heroine in this series based in 17th century Scotland. I could re-watch and re-read the series over and over again. Plus, her love story with Jamie pretty much melts my heart into a puddle each time.

Which fictional character do you most identify with?

How much time do you have? First: I may be the only human on the planet who doesn't like fruit (cue the shocked gasps!). It's true. Second: As a child, I accidentally "bred" 35 mice. Started with two and then it turned into three huge cages and my cat's favorite pastime. In the end, my folks couldn't take it any longer and I sold them all to a snake shop for $10. Now I can't touch a mouse without squirming.

Tell me something weird about you.

Mud fight!!! One of my all-time favorites was Chelsea and Tyler, who not only had breakfast for dinner, she wore a short little white wedding dress and they had a mud fight immediately after their wedding exit!?! You don't see that everyday! Pretty rad.

What is your favorite wedding memory so far?

I believe

Beauty is in imperfection.

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There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. The reality is, things are going to go wrong on your wedding day. That's fine. IT'S GREAT, EVEN. It's the imperfections that make the day yours (And the best photos).

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