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Wedding Day Reminders

We value customizing our services to all of our couples, as every wedding is different. Some are big, some are small, some are very committed to the coverage list we provide, some couples are more relaxed about the list. Please let us know how we can best serve you in this. Above all, our goal is to ensure we have the room to make you THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHS possible! In order to create a setting for our most gorgeous wedding photos, there are some important notes to consider below. Our team is extremely efficient, easygoing and fun to be around on your wedding day – however we have important guidelines in place below specifically in order to ensure that your photography schedule stays on time and stays fun!

STRONG SUGGESTION: The Couple should print and hand this page to a responsible adult (not in the wedding party) to take care of these things on the Wedding Date.

– To minimize confusion, ART IS FOR LOVERS will be the ONLY professional still photographer at the Couple’s wedding ceremony and reception. Photo Booth companies are allowed.

– Videographers are NOT allowed to take still pictures of any kind. It would be very helpful if the Couple told their videographer in advance of this and that the Photographer will be happy to provide the videographer with images for incorporation into their video.

STRONG SUGGESTION: We do not recommend hiring more than (2) videographers for your wedding day coverage. With more than (2) videographers it makes it extremely difficult for your photographers to ensure they can take pictures without being obstructed or blocked by the videographers. The added challenge can make it so that your photos are negatively affected, as we do not have the room to work creatively with the very real challenge of multiple bodies in a single space vying for their place to work. If you do hire more than (2) videographers we require that you strongly advise them to stand clear and to not interfere with our need to direct your imagery.

– To avoid the problem of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” the Photographer will consult only with the Couple concerning persons selected for group shots.

Of course, guests may use personal cameras. However, guests can cause delays, create safety issues, and damage the ability of Photographer to capture good images. Therefore, please ensure that guests:

o Do NOT INTERFERE with the Photographer’s directions to groups being photographed (e.g., “Let’s take one with Aunt Edna, get in there…”);

o Do NOT STEP IN FRONT of or immediately next to the Photographer (this is a safety issue so Photographer does not trip); and

o Do NOT DELAY the assembly or dis-assembly of groups planned in advance, being photographed (e.g., “Wait! Wait! I want to take this picture…”)

– The Photographers must eat (and eat quickly) around the time that you are served your entrée (not after all the guests) so they can capture toasts, dances, guests, etc. Please provide the Photographer:

o Two (2) complete hot meals (protein, carbohydrate, vegetable) on plates

If food is served buffet style, please prepare two meals on plates (to prevent the Photographer from being stuck in the buffet line!)

o Beverage

o Silverware and napkins

o Please be certain everything is provided for the photographers at the beginning of the dinner (immediately following the couple’s entrees!) so that we can shoot the toasts during dinner

Special Moments

The Photographer will strive to capture many special moments on your wedding day. However, it is impossible to capture everything, especially in a live-action environment with many dynamic influencing factors (e.g., large families, bad weather, late arrivals, multiple events occurring at one time, and myriad other unexpected circumstances). Therefore, the Photographer does not guarantee that every single one of the following special moments will be captured in images.

The Photographer will make best efforts to capture the following special moments:

STRONG SUGGESTION: The Photographer strongly encourages the Couple to have all hair and makeup COMPLETE for the bride, bridal party, and immediate family BEFORE we arrive for photographs. (Late hair/makeup is the #1 cause for a delayed wedding schedule!)

– Couple’s gowns/suits
– Wedding bands and/or engagement ring
– Bridal bouquet or boutonnieres and accessories
– Buttoning up of the dress/suit
– Shoes
– Couple’s “first look” (if requested)

– Still-life shots of programs
– Religious/ethnic ceremonial elements

Please identify specific event(s) in the order of the service for the Photographer well in advance!

– Couple’s expression while waiting for each other at aisle
– Bridal party entrance
– Brides walking down the aisle
– Family giving away brides
– Couple at the altar
– Guests watching the ceremony
– Wide shot of the guests sitting during ceremony
– Couple as they recite vows
– Couple’s hands as they exchange rings
– The kiss!
– Close-up of the couple exiting the ceremony

STRONG SUGGESTION: The Photographer strongly encourages the Couple to (1) advise the officiant to announce family photos immediately after the ceremony, to avoid family departing for reception (2) designate a responsible person (someone not in the wedding party, but familiar with both families) to assist the Photographer immediately after the ceremony in identifying and organizing the wedding party, family, and friends for group photos.

– Couple with bridal party
– Couple alone

Family & Friends
– Bride/Groom alone with each respective Father and Mother
– Bride/Groom with each respective Family (parents and siblings)
– Couple together with each set of parents

– Still life shots of: programs, centerpieces, seating card, cake/cupcakes/dessert
– Bridal party entrance
– Toasts (and Couple’s reactions)
– Couple together
– First Dance
– Parent Dances
– Guests dancing/mingling
– Cutting the Cake/Cupcake/Dessert

STRONG SUGGESTION: We love a good party, but hold off on the heavy drinking until AFTER the bridal portraits 🙂 If the groomsmen/bridesmaids plan to drink heavily, be mindful that this can make for a dizzy photo session… Easy on the Johnny Walker until after photos! 😉

In addition to the special moments listed above, the Couple may submit up to five (5) additional special image requests below (e.g., an important family member to include, a unique landmark at venue, etc.). If the Couple would like to add more than five (5) additional special image requests to the list, the Couple must consult with Sara on allotting enough time for our photographers to capture these extra images.

Please be sure to complete your wedding worksheet where you can advise us on special requests, family details and names of important guests to capture. It is most helpful if you can complete the worksheet (1) month before the wedding. If you have details still TBD you may list them as “TBD” on the worksheet, as it saves your responses and you may return to fill it in later if you need.

These Wedding Day Reminders are very important parts of our coverage for you. They are so important that they are listed here on their own page so it will be easy for the Couple to ensure these terms of the Agreement are complied with on the Wedding Date. It is the Couple’s responsibility to participate with all of these terms on the Wedding Date so our photographers can work quickly and smoothly without unnecessary interruptions.

We are so thrilled to be working with you and can’t wait to get started on these details with you.

For any questions regarding your schedule please contact our Photography Coordinator, Louisa ( as she will be creating your photo timeline and family photo list, working alongside your coordinator on all the above details.

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