Album Colors

1. THINK: Wedding Album
2. FORGET: Mom and Dad’s big black book that smells like an old library

At onelove photography, we don’t do cheesy wedding photos. That means we don’t do cheesy wedding albums.

*FLUSH MOUNT/MAGAZINE-STYLE = “Flush mount” albums have hard covers with thick, unbending pages. The photos lay completely flat and extend across the whole page. Flush mount albums are usually designed in magazine-style. The term “magazine-style” refers to the design style inspired by fashion magazines, but the style can vary depending on each wedding company’s design style.

Click to view a sample of our album designs here!

There are MANY choices for your wedding album color! Here are a few tips to help you decide:

• Remember, this is going to be in your home for YEARS. It should be a complimentary color to your home’s environment (It doesn’t have to be your wedding colors)
• Go with your gut. The more you second guess yourself, the harder it will be to choose. You know what you like – trust your instincts!

(Above cover materials from L to R): 12×12 Luxe Leather Album: 50 Shades | 12×12 Luxe Leather Album: Datebook cover with Krumble Binding | 10×10 Standard Albums: Black Magic, Nehru, Chesterfield | 8×8 Standard Album: Silver Screen | 6×6 Parent Album: Whitesnake

Album Cover Materials

All standard albums include (1) one choice of cover material and the option for one photo in the center front of the cover.

Not sure which album material you ordered? Check out your invoice using your passcode provided at the time of booking here (or contact onelove to find out!).

Parent Albums are not available in “Luxe Leather.”

Standard Album Cover Materials

Luxe Leather Cover Materials

Parent Albums

Engagement Albums

Cover Imprinting

Above cover materials (L to R): Datebook cover with Krumble Binding, Chesterfield, Silver Screen (Discontinued), Whitesnake (Discontinued)

Album pages do not tear or bend (Right)

Images spread seamlessly across the center of the binding inside, so you never break an image down the middle.

Standard Album Materials

The below colors are included in the purchase for any:
– Standard Wedding Album
– Parent Album
– Boudoir Album
– Engagement AlbumParent/Engagement/Boudoir Albums are not available in “Luxe Leather.”Options for upgrading to the Luxe Leathers are available at an additional cost, and ONLY for couple albums (Parent Albums cannot be printed in Luxe Leathers). See end of page for more details


View more imagery of Addiction

View more imagery of Midtown

Luxe Leather Upgrades

The below cover materials are available at an additional cost of $225.
See below and contact onelove photography with any questions!
With the Luxe Leather Upgrade you may choose to pair (2) materials (one on the binding, on on the cover). PlusOne covers are not included.

Above material (L to R): Krumble (binding) with Secret Garden (cover), Nehru (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST), Ludicrous

Above material: Ludicrous

THE NINES are a specialty plusONE upgrade from Luxe Leather for an additional $200.

Above: Shroom and Dubonnet are discontinued

The Basics have two new additions above, not on the first panel above this (50 shades and Carrigan)

View more imagery of Opulence

Cover Imprinting

(Option included in Luxe Album Upgrades)

Yes, we do imprinting. It is limited, however. More and more people prefer to incorporate names, dates and other personalization into their actual page and cover upgrade designs. This allows them a wider range of styles and the ability to match personalization to the theme and feel of individual album designs.

Imprinting is available on select album materials (not available on fabric covers), please inquire about availability for your cover selection.

If available, you may select up to two lines to print in the following locations on the cover:

1. The bottom right corner
2. The front center

For example:

“John and Jane”


“May 8, 2013”


“John and Jane
May 8, 2013”




Can I imprint on any material?

No. Many of our cover upgrades and textured leathers are not compatible with the imprinting option. There are still some materials, however, that will allow for those wanting to display this more classic, traditional look. Please make sure you are selecting an appropriate material if you want to include cover imprinting on your album.

What materials can I imprint on?

Currently the only materials that allow imprinting are the All That Jazz Collection (all materials), the Basics collection (all materials), the Tricycle Alley collection (excluding Sunday Shoes), the Happy Cow collection (all materials), cu29 & Saturday Night Special (from the Mixed Bag collection) and Glitter Barbi, Glitter Ken, Oxide & Tourmaline (from the Eclectic Looks collection).

Can I imprint anywhere on the cover?

No. Many of our imprinting options are limited, not only by material but also by your choice of cover design. Please consult the cover design guide for imprinting location options prior to order.

Is typeset imprinting case sensitive?

Yes! All typeset imprinting options are typeset EXACTLY as typed on the order form. If you type your imprint all in caps, it will be imprinted in all caps. You have been warned.

Is there a limit on imprinting characters?

Yes! All cover imprinting is limited to 30 characters per line. Maximum 2 lines.

Can I use any font on any album?
NO! Not all fonts will work on all album sizes. ALL imprinting must have a half inch to either side of the imprint as a safety margin. Select your font style and size carefully depending on your album size.

Do you have special characters?

Yes! However, they are limited. If you want to use a special, non-alphabetical character, contact us to check on its availability BEFORE you place your order or delays can occur.

Parent Albums

A duplicate of your couple’s album makes a great gift for any parent or loved one. Available in all sizes, but the 6 and 8-inch are the most popular. If needed, you may swap out several of the pages from your duplicated design for different family photos for each family if needed (with an additional design cost).

Choose from Standard Cover Materials for your Parent Album(s) here


Engagement Albums

Incorporate your engagement into your wedding day! Select your favorite images to be designed into a beautiful flush mount album with room for guests to sign their best wishes to you on the wedding day!

Choose from Standard Cover Materials for your Engagement Album here


Looking for green and good citizens, you say?
We prides ourselves in being a good citizen and working with one of the greenest album companies around. They take great care in selecting the materials they use. They take great care in how they package our products and they even have an extensive office recycling program. How’s that for green?
Some other ways we strive to stay green include:
· Our “pleathers” are all PVC free.
· We try to include many fabrics – even better!
· We will not use hides that have been tanned in Asia. The working conditions are simply too poor.
· Our product packaging is completely green
• Hand-made recycled pineapple leaf paper used for wrapping
• Hand-made recycled Mulberry leaves used for the ribbons
• Mulberry skeleton leaves used for decoration
• Natural kraft tissue used in wrapping and packaging
• Corn starch peanuts used as packing materials
• Paper tape used to seal all boxes
• Completely recyclable cardboard used for packing and shipping
· All our other packing is made from all natural organic materials that can be reused and recycled.
· The peanuts we receive from Seldex are biodegradable and any unused peanuts are recycled to a pack and ship facility.
· Every possible scrap of paper, glass, metal and plastic is recycled.
· Our albums are constructed from as many natural, post consumer, and completely recyclable materials as possible.
· Everything is made by hand. If it weren’t for building lighting, a power failure would hardly effect our production.
· Our products are made in the USA, as are all their component parts. We are proof that small manufacturing can survive and prosper in this country.

After the design is approved, our albums are delivered to your door within 4-6 weeks.Let’s play a little game called “Free Association”…….


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