Session Locations (SoCal)

1. Rustic Romantic

Bonelli Park (San Dimas)

Peter Strauss Ranch (Shoot #1)

Topanga State Park ($100 Permit Required and 4 weeks notice)

Malibu Creek State Park (Shoot 1) *$100 Permit Fee Required and 4 weeks notice (This park only permits shoots M-F)

Adamson House in Malibu ($200 permit)
(This shoot ends at the beach nearby

Laguna Canyon + Beach (Shoot 1)

Griffith Observatory (Only available on weekdays)

Downtown LA + Walt Disney Concert Hall

Balboa Island

Downtown LA (Grand Park)
See map here

Santa Monica Pier (Shoot 1)

Downtown LA (Arts District + Vista Hermosa Park)

Crystal Cove ($75 Permit – Mondays through Fridays only)

Downtown LA + Rooftop

The LAB Antimall (Costa Mesa)

Will Rogers State Historic Park #2 ($75 permit)

Santa Monica Pier (Shoot 2)

Angel’s Knoll + Union Station

Boat HarborArlington Gardens (Pasadena) #1
Arlington Gardens (Pasadena #2)

Solstice Canyon (Malibu)

Arboretum (Arcadia) $125 fee

Paramount Ranch

El Matador Beach ($75 Permit – Mondays through Fridays only) WARNING: VERY TOURISTY LOCATION

Ojai (Orange Groves) $50 Travel Fee

Venice Canals

3. Beaches

Beaches are generally great right at sunset, so we recommend an alternate starting location (as in the pier/boardwalk/streets), and ending the session at the beach.

Santa Monica Streets

Temescal Gateway Park $100 Permit
(This shoot ends at the Pacific Palisades High School)

Balboa IslandSanta Monica Pier (Shoot 3)

The Getty Museum

Peter Strauss Ranch (Shoot #2)
Peter Strauss Ranch (Shoot #3)

Will Rogers State Historic Park #1 ($75 permit)

Union Station + LA Public Library

While we have great locations listed below, many places originally came as personal suggestions from couples, as their “favorite hangout” – so don’t feel obligated to follow what other couples have done. The best is when you make it your own, and take us to a place we’ve never been!

NOTE: San Diego, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs locations may be subject to a travel fee.

Can’t make up your mind on where you want to shoot your session? We have ideas for you!

1. Rustic Romantic
2. City
3. Beaches

Not sure what to wear? What to bring? Read more here!

In order to have the dreamiest, onelove-style lighting at your shoot, then timing is everything:

On a sunny day we generally begin shooting 2 hours before sunset.
On a cloudy day, do not fear! Lighting is actually soft and beautiful, but we do need to start earlier (appx 3 hours before sunset).

(Check your the sunset time for your shoot here)

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