Welcome to the Team!

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you starting a trial photography period with onelove photography.

There are some important first steps we would like to get started with you.


Below is a checklist of everything we need from you within the next 7 days. Please send Sara an email with all of these things

1. Review all of this information carefully, and BOOKMARK THIS PAGE – you will need it for the months ahead as we work together: http://www.onelove-photo.com/?postID=60&the-goods

Be sure to print the Lens Guide and bring it with you to all weddings. Read it now. Read it the week before you shoot. Read it the day you shoot. Sleep with it under your pillow. 😉 The Lens Guide is your key to making it successfully through the trial.

2. Do you have any food allergies? We will notify the caterer preparing your vendor meal at the weddings you shoot.

3. Please send me the speed test this week. Use the FTP instructions (at the link above) to send and also confirm when you have sent me a test file.

4. Do not shoot on ONE SHOT MODE or AF-S unless you are using flash at night. Ensure you are shooting on AI-SERVO or AF-C all day.

5. BACK BUTTON FOCUS – if you do not know what this is, now is a great time to learn! It will change your life. 🙂 Using BBF (Back Button Focus) with AF-C or AI-SERVO is the only way to shoot moving action. If you shoot AF-S or ONE SHOT MODE, you will find your lens starting and stopping, slowing at key moments when you need to capture movement (i.e. Recessional, Grand Entrance)

How to for the following models:
Mark II
Mark III

Images must be shot in RAW as specified below:

Mark II: sRAW1 (3861 x 2574)
Mark III: mRAW (3,960 x 2,640)
Mark IV: mRAW: (5,040 × 3,360)
Nikon: Shoot with original raw settings as in camera

6. Remember to SYNC ALL OF YOUR CAMERA bodies to the World Clock. Always sync up after Daylight savings and check with the lead that your bodies are on the same time.

7. Remember, you may only invoice one all of your files have been transferred after a wedding. Start sending no later than the next morning after a wedding.


1. We’ll be inviting you to join and view your Google Calendar with onelove photography. If you have an iPhone, you can stream it straight to your phone.

2. Carrie, our Photography Coordinator, will send you a brief the Monday eve before any weekend wedding. The brief will include the contact information for everyone that weekend and all photo requests, and the timeline for shooting. (One of the most important jobs a second photographer has is to ensure that list is covered entirely, by checking it off with the lead all day. Print it out and bring it with you. Do not use your phone to look at the schedule, as it looks like you are “on your phone” at a wedding.)

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