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Step One

Install PhotoMechanic and use this license exactly as below.

NOTE: This is a one-time license provided for your contract work with onelove. This license cannot be transferred to another computer without deactivating it on your first computer, and also must be deactivated when you cease working with onelove. If your video card/computer crashes, you will be responsible to purchase a new license.


Sara Wolfram

(leave blank)


Step Two

When you start Photo Mechanic, just click its icon in the Dock and don’t open any contact sheets yet. Go to the Photo Mechanic menu and select preferences. [If you use Lightroom, then under GENERAL click the snap shot menu (lightning bolt button) on the right and select the Adobe Lightroom entry.] (This make your color labels show up synchronized in LR and PM, as well as speed up your tagging and color classing!)

Next go to the Files preference page and check the box to Always update the XMP label when changing color class.

Now go to the IPTC/XMP preference page. Click the Restore defaults button at the bottom.

Now go to the right side, in the section When writing to Tiff-based raw photos and un-check the top box that Says Allow raw files to be modified. This will speed up all tagging, rating, color labeling and IPTC updates for raw files.

The path to Lightroom will be set at the top of the Launching preference page.

Finally go to the Caching preference page and increase the Memory cache size to 600 MB. Ok the preferences and then restart Photo Mechanic. Step Three

Install BOTH of these versions of VSCO on your LR:


Above Key: QG6A-INS3-3S3Y-1HXZ


Above Key: J6R8-TF5L-SBD7-DUPY

Step Four

After installing these, please import these presets to your LR: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uo4f51c7vdmkcnm/AABb5Lv-lSmoHFfWqwvllOfDa?dl=0

Create a folder for them titled “onelove photography” and USE ONLY THESE PRESETS when working with us. You may not use our presets for any of your own personal work. Step Five

In the preset folder was this camera profile. (“canon EOS 5D mark iii.dcp”:


Follow the path User Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > CameraProfiles and paste it in there!

To find the proper library and to start that path, go to the top navigation bar on your mac and click “Go” then hold down the “option” key to reveal the hidden library folder. Then proceed to the rest of the path that I’ve listed above.

You should be able to find it that way. Once you paste the profile to that folder. Restart your computer and you should be all set. Step Six (LAST STEP)

Apply the 800 love preset to these two images:

Mark II: https://www.dropbox.com/s/caxekkd9oy6wmha/073116JD0406.CR2?dl=0
Nikon D800: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts5emgp63j0rhbh/060416JP1550.NEF?dl=0

Send me the file to confirm that the installation was successful!

If you have succeeded, then USE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERY EDIT! Print this!!FTP Information

Server: ftp://onelove.exavault.com
Username: prettypictures
Password: lovely

FTP client recommendations?

There are many FTP clients available for Mac, PC and Linux users. Here are some of the more popular. (Use at your own risk.)

• Mac: http://www.panic.com/transmit/ <—-Sara uses this
• Mac/PC: http://filezilla-project.org/
• Mac: http://cyberduck.ch/
• Mac: http://fetchsoftworks.com/
• PC: http://www.smartftp.com/
• PC: http://cuteftp.com/

How long will it take?
Images will upload as fast as the internet connection you are working from. Most associates upload a full wedding within 24 hours. You can use this link to test your internet connection speed and calculate upload time based on the provided results.

Can I receive email notifications if the transfer stops/stalls?
Oh yeah! There is a really awesome app called Growl. Essentially, Growl is a program that will tell you when an event has completed – successfully or not. For example, you might upload large blocks of files every night as you leave work. Growl can be configured to notify you of success or failure with a pop-up.How to confirm all your files have completed sending <—VERY IMPORTANT!

If your PhotoMechanic ever starts to slow down considerably (i.e. spinning wheel of death comes up often), you need to clear your cache.

Follow these instructions:

First shut down/quit out of Photo Mechanic (use the Cmd-Tab keys to make sure the PM icon isn’t showing and that it is completely closed), then find the “Library” folder on your Mac. It’s normally a hidden folder but all you have to do to reveal it is open a Finder window, then go to the top “Go” menu . While that is highlighted and the pop out options are visible, push the “Option” key on your keyboard and the “Library” folder will appear.

Open the “Library” folder and go to the “Caches” folder and then go down and find the folder titled Photo Mechanic (the top folder in the screen shot I’ve attached). Throw that entire folder in the trash and then empty the trash.

Now, open Photo Mechanic back up and try opening a Contact Sheet again to see if you’re getting the normal speed without the slow down.

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