Approval for Sharing Imagery

Want to share some imagery?

Instructions for Requesting Approval of Public Image Use

Please wait at least 30 days from the wedding date before requesting approval, as we post the client’s sample gallery at that time. (It is confusing to a client if they see images on another company’s website/social media account before their contracted photographer, onelove, posts their gallery)

All images taken from your camera must be approved before sharing on Instagram, Facebook or your website. (Images taken from your cell phone do not need to be approved.

– Collect a handful of images (i.e. 10-25) from a wedding and email Sara with a direct link to view the gallery. Read below for the AWESOME ways to send your files for quick approval:

– Dropbox links
– Gallery links with NO password

– Images attached to an email
– Gallery links with a password
– Zip files

We approve a handful of weddings from each team member per year, so consider sharing only the very best of your weddings publicly) It can take up to two weeks for Sara to review and respond to your request during high season!

– On a blog: Both reference “onelove photography” in the writeup paragraph before your photos (if applicable), or at the end of the entire post “Your Name/onelove photography”

– In a flash slideshow or as a standalone image on a portfolio (“Your Name/onelove photography”) imprinted ON the image if not underneath each individual image used

– On Facebook Tag “onelove photography”

– On Instagram: Shot for @myonelove

The company name is spelled all lower case “onelove photography”

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