Instagram Collaboration Bonus!

We are totally LOVING Instagram stories right now and want to show our clients #bts at our shoots! For those of you who love Instagram, you may just love this!

We want your live videos, Boomerangs, and photos of the beautiful weddings you are working on!

For every video or image you share with me the day-of a engagement session/maternity session or wedding that I select to post to our company Instagram story, you can increase your day-rate with a bonus! See the bonus rates below:

Before capturing these IG images, read below!

What looks great in an Instagram Story?

– Instagram stories are VERTICAL! We cannot use horizontal images.
– Boomerangs/short videos of photographer in action
– LUSH/UNIQUE design filled spaces. (Instead of bare/minimal decorated spaces)
– Leave off text/emoji/drawings! I will be applying them for a single cohesive look in our story


– Record more when there is downtime, when clients are relaxed
– Tell them you’re shooting them for our Instagram story! (i.e. “Hey, this is so great I have to share this to our Instagram story!”) and shoot QUICKLY and finish! Don’t over-do it!
– Shoot the client directly in a limited time, only a few minutes here or there
– Have the photographer (likely the second) who has some spare time to shoot the other photographer #bts
– HAVE FUN! Make it fun and playful!


– Use your cell phone instead of your professional camera for couple photos. This should be an add-on to your professional portraits when there is extra time
– Interrupt a busy time in the schedule to shoot with your cell phone
– Do not interview the client or record them talking to the camera
– Make fun of anyone!
– Use this when a client is feeling tense or stressed! Only at a relaxed happy time of day!

Please text me the videos and images directly to my cell phone on the day-of the session. If your video or image is used, you will be notified to invoice for it!

View a sample IG Story below!

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