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We’re all in the appearance business. For the onelove photographer, showtime means bringing out the best in every client and looking good while doing it.

The traditional photographer’s uniform of business suit or tux (Yikes! Yes, this used to happen!) is a thing of the past; even plain black isn’t good enough any more.

At contemporary weddings you’re not a guest, nor a businessperson, nor the hired help, and you’re visible all the time.

You want to look smart, stylish, functional and unobtrusive, with a touch of artiness. Sharp and cool, but not far out. Neat and clean, but not staid or conventional. Comfortable and functional, but not too casual or uncaring. Working as part of the onelove team, it is an absolute must to present a personally professional look that befits your status as the artisan entrusted to create a lifetime of important memories.

How YOU look is part of OUR brand, OUR signature style.

Here is the look that all team members should plan to present themselves similar to:

onelove team members should only wear piercings in TRADITIONAL locations only. (No septum/mouth piercings)

Here are some examples of what NOT to wear while shooting. Hey, I’m all about lounging. Who doesn’t like a great pair of flip flops, especially after a long day on your feet?

Remember: these are for wearing when the wedding is OVER:

A quick refresher from the contract employee agreement that we all signed:

By signing this Agreement all parties agree to maintaining a consistent, professional appearance while photographing at any event. This is including but not limited to: an upbeat, positive attitude, business-casual attire, dress pants, colored shirts, dressy blouses, no flip-flops, denim or multiple facial piercings. Smoking is not acceptable in any public/place visible to clients.

5 Tips to Survive in Style

1) HEAD Conceal facial blemishes with makeup. Ladies, use simple, all-day makeup that doesn’t need constant touchups. Men, shave carefully and keep your grunge look arty, not unkempt. Stylish hair is the crowning touch.

2) HANDS Clean, smooth hands and nails are a must to handle wedding dresses safely. Photography is dirty work, so wash your hands often during the day and be confident close up with clients.

3) HEAT Wear clothing that wicks moisture and colors that conceal perspiration. Include a small, super absorbent towel in your kit.

4) POLISH Layered dressing is a good approach. Check pants and long skirt hems to avoid accidental tripping. Don’t dress like a waiter.

5) PREPARE Pack necessities for the day, like your own water bottle and energy bars, a pocket knife, tactical flashlight, and a large golf umbrella for sun or rain. Ladies, forget the purse. Try small, zippered bags that fit on your photo/belt pack for cell phone, business cards, lip balm, hand lotion, breath mints, cash and ID.
Above and beyond all of this, remember that we are hired as artists, to provide a product with joy and passion!

No matter:
– How badly you feet hurt after 8 hours shooting
– How awkward the family photos were
– The caterer fed you at the worst time

This is all a part of the game! Weddings are crazy! They are a typhoon!

And they are where we make our art!


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